The Men

The realization of a dream after many years of patience. Experience, passion and rigor are the guiding principles of the three men, friends or cousins, who finally found the domain to which they aspired.
The Estate
The Vines
The Wines
The Men
Patrick BRIGNOLI, communications director,    simultaneously acts as President of a separate group of companies. With his numerous past professional experiences in business ownership and direction (head of the Raid Gauloises, Formula 1, hotels, restaurants, public and professional trade fairs), Patrick knows how to maximize the benefits of a strong contact network to meet this new challenge.

Hervé GANTIER, sales and public relations director for the estate, simultaneously runs a printing company and a publication company, which, incidentally, specialize in products for the wine industry. Hervé puts his extensive experience in sales and marketing to the service of building and developing strong relationships with distributors in France and all over the world.

José RATERO, winemaker, grew up in the world of wine and formerly directed one of the biggest Meursault domains in Burgundy before going to see whether the grass of the Aude département was any greener or the climate any milder. José truly works magic in the vineyards and the cellar and is extremely down-to-earth in addition to being a gifted winemaker.
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