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Bordered by the river Aude to the west and the north, the foothills
of the Pyrenées to the south and the Mediterranean to the east,
les Corbières marks out a vast quadrilateral where traces of an
eventful geological past appear. Mother Nature has created landscapes, man has embellished them.
Corbières vineyards extend across roughly one third of the Aude départment which is home to 7 Appellations d'Origine Controlées (AOC), registered designations of origin.

Between Narbonne and l'Abbaye de Fontfroide, the Domain Sainte Eugénie is located in the district of Bizanet in the middle of Cathar country, on the native soil of Fontfroide.

The eventful tectonic life of the region goes a long way towards explaining the co-existence of strata from different periods of the earth's life, a diversity emphasised by erosion. However, of the zones which are suitable for cultivation, clay and chalk soils dominate, a theme upon which there are variations according to the particular locality : red sandstone, stony terraces, calcareous clay, shale and coral clay.
The Mediterranean climate is dry, sunny and warm, affording long cycles to the vines. The dry healthy wind from the north, which makes its presence felt the whole year round, explains why the Corbières vineyards require so little pesticide treatment.


- Foundation of the Estate : 1906
- Vineyard Acreage : 112 acres (45 hectares)
- Soil Composition : Clay and limestone, pebbles
- Density of Vines : 1600 vines per acre (4000 vines per hectare)
- Age of Vines : between 30 and 50 years
- Annual production :  380 000 bottles

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